Thursday, June 29, 2006


WE MADE IT HOME!!!! And it ONLY took three whole days to get here!! That will be a story for another day with more time. Lets just say we know Satan did NOT (and still doesn't, I am sure) want us home... But we are here and ready to WAR! Love you all!

Friday, June 23, 2006

We Will Get There Eventually...

Nope, not there yet. Walmart did not finish our tire this morning until close to 11:00. So we did not even get out of the state of Alabama until noon. I WOULD be screaming right now, but the hotel we stopped at in Ohio has a nice comfy bed, a pool that the kids are looking forward to, and a wonderful shower equipped with BATH AND BODY WORKS STUFF!!!!!!! Yes, I am VERY excited about that and I smell FANTASTIC right now. We will see NY tomorrow. At least today has been far less eventful. ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Headed Home

WOW!! Ok, so we left MS around noon today... so much for an early start. ;) And we have had our fill of adventures already. Currently we are... relaxing... at a hotel... at the top of Alabama... (Ok, you can stop laughing now.) We will be fixing a tire tomorrow - that was the latest episode - semi lost his tire, I avoided it with the truck but managed to get it with the driver side tire on the trailer. It kicked up and hit John square on. We are all safe. The kids and I had JUST been praying that God would protect us and keep His hand on us.... This could have been SO much worse! Glad I am in His hands!

So, we are going to watch a movie and relax and get the tire that was having issues holding air fixed in the morning... then onward!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dreams and Going Home

My Dream... I was with my mom and my aunt had sent me a present/card. I opened it and found dollar bills in it. These bills were special - like a two dollar bill, only bigger. Two of the specific ones I remember were 2001 dollar bills. I remember thinking they were like the year. There were a few other bills for various other amounts, some for a couple hundred... THe other one I remember very clearly was the one that was a 10,541 dollar bill... very nice... If all the bills were totalled, it would be close to what I have been praying for. All of the bills had a numeric code on the bottom of them, much like what you see on your checks. I looked closer at the $10, 541 and realized that the code had been cut off that one. It was for a great amount of money, and it was in my hand, but I could not use it. The only thing the bill was good for was displaying on the wall or making notes on it. I thought that at least I had the other bills, and they totalled up to a few thousand dollars, but were still not what I had been praying for.
When I woke up, I KNEW this was a dream that meant something, not just one of those brain processing dreams.... That morning, I had to run to Winn Dixie (Hurray! *please notice the sarcasm here*) and on my way home, I took a right out of the road and drove down Railroad instead of taking the left, going onto Jeff Davis and then onto 90 (along the beach) ... after several blocks, I turned down toward the beach, then after one block, turned right again... I ended up driving by the house that we were supposed to have... Hmm... Ended up praying about all of it, just praying that all the finances will be released, that whatever happened will be reversed, etc....
Ok, taking a breath. ;)
Going Home.... We received word yesterday that Johnny's aunt passed away Friday night. So... shortening the rest of the story for you... we are heading out this week - Wednesday, Thursday at the latest... Thanks for praying us home... I had been praying that we would be home by the beginning of July... that has been answered... I have to admit that I would like to see my sister's baby, but that is ok - I am ready to go home... :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

In the News Today...

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING, but I found it amusing and thought I would share....

The cat and the bear.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

SOS Teams and The Kids Learn to Mud

We have had two teams in this week. One from Missouri and one from Georgia.... AWESOME and ON FIRE kids. We have spent the most time with the team from GA, and they have been a blast. The last two days we have been mudding.... this involves sheetrock, tape and joint compound... a little something I learned this week. ;) John Tylor and Tanara have been getting their hands dirty as well. Check it out!

These kids have worked SO hard! Some of them have been pulled out of their comfort zones this week, many have grown and all of them have been an absolute blessing to us. It has been a great joy to work along side them, minister to and with them, and get to know these guys. If any of you are reading about yourselves, we want you to know we love all of you and are praying for all of you, by name! Keep in touch, guys. Godspeed.


So, in case any of you were impatiently waiting, here it is, Easter dinner....

....Or what is left of it anyway.

Very different from ham and potatoes at mom's. Good to try, enjoyed it, looking forward to ham at mom's. :)