Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Fall!!

The kids had TONS of fun at this years Fall Fun Night. Making it just that much more special was the fact that the cousins are home and got to join in the fun. Thanks, Aunt E!!! :)

Clockwise from the top: Monkey played with marshmallow-toothpick sculptures and tried making some of his own; Aunt E and Tonka looking very spiffy; The Boy and his best bud creating hairdos; The Girl and Tonka creating marshmallow-toothpick sculptures; The Boy posing after a "round" of golf; three little buds showing of their face paints; The Girl and Tonka getting ready for a game; The girl getting her second face paint; the kids with Pastor M, all of them thrilled with their faces; a rousing game of hot potato; The Boy having his turn with the face painter; the boys post hair sculpting.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Boy's First...

Way back in September (I know, terrible updating), The Boy had what he said was "thebestnightof(my)lifeEVER!!!!!!" What did he get to do? He went to his very first rock concert with mommy and Uncle D. And he LOVED IT. That is what he said, anyway. I really couldn't tell how he would feel between the squealing, screaming and jumping all around the house when I told him that I was taking him to see his absolute favorite band LIVE. It is entirely possible that he did not sleep at all the night before.

He loved the music, was awestruck to see (and MEET) Kutless in person (mommy and Uncle D reminded him that they are people too and put their pants on just like we do in the morning), and tuckered himself out with all the jumping, dancing, screaming, singing, and... worshiping! I have to admit, while is was neat to meet them, my favorite part was watching my son get absolutely lost in worship to his heavenly Father. He didn't care who was looking. At that point, he didn't even seem to care that he was fifteen feet away from Kutless themselves. It was him and God. Witnessing that was definitely my highlight. Coming in second, though, was the absolute joy on his face while he got a chance to meet the guys face to face and actually chat with a couple of them for a couple minutes. Daddy's question to The Boy when we got home? "Did you tell them you play the drums, too?" He giggled (yes, boys do giggle) and told daddy that he was so nervous meeting them that he didn't even remember that daddy was teaching him to play.