Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, it's been ages, I know... Batman keeps mentioning this to me every time he gets on the computer. So, here's proof I AM, after all, still alive and well.

I thought I'd share an "Aha! moment" I had this Sunday. In the sermon, the statement was made, "faith is our opportunity to shut up, believe, and do." He then went on to say that God is NOT interested in our "but's..." I sat thinking, and realized that Bud is the PERFECT example of this for me. In fact, this is the very thing that we have been working on with our firstborn child. That desperate need to have our own opinion or reason heard, no matter what mommy or daddy (or GOD) has said. Hmm.......

"But, MOM, I an not cold!" (when it is -5° F outside and he has been told to put on a coat), or "but, MOM, I don't eat breakfast!!" (when told to eat so he could take his vitamins before getting involved with anything else so we could leave on time).

God: "Go, (do)."
Me: "But, GOD, I don't have enough time/resources/talent, I'm too tired, I'm not brave enough, etc."

Sound familiar? I am sure that every one of us could put any number of excuses there. Meanwhile, God sits there patiently waiting for me to shut up, believe and do. Someday (hopefully bery soon) I will learn to stop having a desperate need to have the last word and I will do just that - shut up, believe, and DO.