Friday, August 17, 2007


Last Friday J FINALLY got a phone call from a Man who wanted to hire J very very much. He was trying to get into a window installation company based out of the R city. All week long he played phone tag with this Man and the Company Man even talked to a friend of ours and told him to tell J to keep trying to get a hold of him... he really wants him!! So, Friday, they finally connect. And Company Man tells J that he is not the one that actually hires and fires so J needs to go up to R city and fill out an app. *grr* He so could have mentioned that when he spoke to the mutual friend and had him pass on the "keep calling" message. J, slightly frustrated but in desperate need of something drove to R city a week ago to fill out the application, then on his way home was telling God that three months of no job and only little side construction jobs here and there just wasn't cutting it as far as our bills were concerned. He had two companies saying that they needed him and would hire him, but it would not be for a month. A month on top of three isn't good. He told God he really needed to hear something THAT DAY. A couple hours later dearest dad called and said that the HR guy at his company had just popped his head in dad's door and asked him if J was still interested in the job he applied for at the beginning of the year. Uh, yes. Dad said they would be calling this week to set up the interview. Both of us thought that was cool because, while the interview was not set yet, we had heard from someone on it and had more of a deadline. Wednesday afternoon rolled around the HR guy called and set up J's interview and drug test for the following morning at 9:00. Woo hoo!!! J called me around 9:30 on his way home to tell me that he starts MONDAY!!!! God is good. He has been good through this whole learning experience and has been by our side. We are giving Him all the praise for closing the doors He wanted closed and opening the ones He wanted opened. W town is half the distance that R city would have been and the work is not as taxing on your body and Alstom/Pre-Heater will be training him on PROGRAMING CNC machines. That is the one thing that he has been hoping to learn as a machinist. How cool is that?? J said he is completely and totally ready for the transition from outside construction to inside, easier on your body. I stand behind him 100% on that one! It is hard to stand by and watch him come home absolutely beat and wiped out after two days on a roof. And from time to time the kids and I may tag along to W town with him and spend the day with Grandma!! Very fun! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Q and A Time

So, part of T's math lesson included talking about the weather and what types of clothes you wear when it is hot, warm, cool and cold. When it is hot, you wear tank tops, shorts and flip flops. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Mommy: "So, what do you wear when it is warm?"

T: " A shirt with sleeves, like a t-shirt."

Mommy: "Ok, what do you wear on your bottom?"

T: "Undies."

*sigh* I asked.

Off to School We Go,

Off to school we go, hi-ho the dairy-o, it's off to school we go!

Ok, well, "off to school" probably is the wrong way to word it, but we are still EXCITED!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe I am a *little* more excited than they are. But, B was up and waiting to start at 6:00 and T had all her school things in a backpack last night ready to move from room to room in the house for our various school activities. Sounds excited to me.........