Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yearly dues for membership at F-town Volunteer Fire Department:


Flippers, Mask and Snorkel set from KMart:


Needing your newly purchased scuba gear to respond to a call for a car in the reservoir and finding out that said car was in said reservoir because the owner of the local porn shop was mad at the fire department so he drove his car to the reservoir to "drink some beers, look at the stars and cool off" and then accidentally put said car in drive instead of reverse *whew*:


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They say the darndest things....

Here is an excerpt from a conversation held recently on a trip to RCity:

Me: "***** is the only one that will be a stick in the mud about the idea. Otherwise, everyone will do it."

T: "Then maybe you guys should pull the stick out."

Hmm.... How does that work exactly?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How We Celebrate...

So this weekend we went away....

Just the two of us....

And we met up with over a thousand (some say two...) other bikers and went on a ride... All. Day. Long. I did the search for all you curious folks and found a video of it... We usually hook up with a few friends we've made over the years... Our own "Hayabusa Club" of sorts. (One of them is at the front of the line...)

Santa even shows up!!

The ride always ends with a run down the airport runway...

Despite the tenderness I acquire, we always have a great time, and we've made it a tradition to start celebrating our anniversary with the Toys for Tots Ride.