Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yearly dues for membership at F-town Volunteer Fire Department:


Flippers, Mask and Snorkel set from KMart:


Needing your newly purchased scuba gear to respond to a call for a car in the reservoir and finding out that said car was in said reservoir because the owner of the local porn shop was mad at the fire department so he drove his car to the reservoir to "drink some beers, look at the stars and cool off" and then accidentally put said car in drive instead of reverse *whew*:



mira said...

wow. just wow. gotta love helping the people who like you the least. There's definitely an analogy in there.

No pic of said car?

Anonymous said...

especially when its three in the morning... you have no idea whose car it is, if anybody is still in it and you can't see past five feet under the water and the car is over twelve feet under and you're diving down with a cable trying to feel for some place to hook and praying that you dont bump into a body
- Batman

Ben said...

I don't get it; why was the porno guy mad?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* WELL, Ben..... it's an interesting story..... and apparently partially my fault. HA!

We (fire dept personnel) had a meeting and decided that spare keys above our doors was not the best and brightest idea... and took them down. Originally we put them up there for our local law enforcement to use, but, they apparently weren't the only ones using said keyes. The porn shop is right next door and our... neighbors... always felt quite free to come in and use our kitchen appliances and take ice from our ice machine. So much I could say there but I will leave it at that. We decided that we didn't like that and no longer wanted them to have access to our facilities. That was the first issue. Now bring me into the picture: The very next day we had a call. From what our dispatch information was, it sounded like it was going to be what many of our guys call a "sh*t and git" call... NOT one to play around with. So, I hauled my little rear end up to the station, and, OF COURSE, got stuck behind a person who was initially going the speed limit (the nerve) and of course nearly came to a complete stop in the middle of the road when they saw our rigs out, lights going in the parking lot. SSSOOOOO, since it is imperative for me to be ON the ambulance so we can leave, I pulled around the... responsible... driver, cut across TWO FEET (we later measured) of the porn shop parking lot, and parked in our lot, jumped in the rig..... you get the idea. Our chief got a very.... FRIENDLY... call about ten minutes later and he got CHEWED OUT because I cut across their parking lot... That night he (owner) went up to the reservoir.... the rest is history... he awaits his day in court. Again.