Friday, January 26, 2007


He starts tomorrow on the day shift. Hurray!! The kids are thrilled that he will be home by 4 at the latest every day. Ok, so, I am too. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, we actually did it! We left at 6:30 in the morning as planned. Perhaps it was the threat from J to carry me out to the car and leave promptly at 6:30 NO MATTER WHAT. I asked if that was a threat and he told me it was a promise, he didn't care if I was in the middle of a showe and still had soap in my hair, if I wasn't ready, he would haul me out there. I believed him so I didn't press my luck. I don't think this threat will work for church on Sunday mornings, though. (I have to defend myself, here, I get up about an hour earlier than he does, get my shower and then get the kids going while he is still tucked snuggly in bed Sundays, so I think I deserve a little slack on that one. Besides, we do a very good job of making it on time and are usually earlier than almost everyone else on the worship team.)

Oh yeah, we saw snow on the way out!! It wasn't that bad, but EVERY snow plow in western NY was out in full force... I think the state workers were trying to get in al their over time since they have not had much of a chance so far this winter.

The family we have been staying with are amazing! They have the sweetest spirits and it has been very cool because their son is autistic, and the mom is always a little worried about how people will react to him. We understood so many of the little - idiosyncrocies - and our girlfriend that came out with us actually works with autistic children, so it was a blessing all the way around for all of us. It was amazing to hear this young man's story and to see what God has done in his life! His parents were told he would never talk, never read, never anything, and it honestly took me a little while to even realize he is autistic! He even has his own driver's licence and helps his father run the farm! Talk about a miracle boy!

Our time in Indiana has been both good and challenging... Our hearts are really to keep getting closer to God and walk deeper with Him, and we've been on the brink of making some decisions regarding our walk and how much we really want to pursue Him. This weekend we've come to the point where God really is asking us to make some of those "required sacrifices". Areas that are not neccessarily wrong, but for where we want to go with Him, are areas that we have to not live in the gray area, but stick with black and white. Higher standards to adhere to. So... we are choosing to let go of the things required to gain a greater intimacy with God and a more holy walk. We have done a lot of talking this weekend with a prophet friend and mentor and he's been in on all these decisions and has been the instrument used to pose some of these challenges and questions. This morning I told him about a dream someone had about J. We went to visit them J was beat but victorious and in AMAZING shape and had a "Moses glow." (Very abridged version) He said that these decisions and actions are what she dreamed about and will in fact be a battle with our own flesh (I hate that!!) and in the end will result in the best spiritual (and potentially physical?) shape we've been in and definitely in that "Moses glow." So, some of this will be tough. No, I take that back, probably all of it will be tough. God does not tend to ask for EASY sacrifices. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a sacrifice, right?? BUT, God honors obedience, and both of us want that deeper walk and power, and I am willing to go through the temporary discomfort for my greater good.

We talked today about upcoming trips with this group and are DEFINITELY looking forward to it! FL for spring break, an invite to Africa... oh yeah. For those interested, BP and team will be in Elmira at the beginning of Feb. Let me know if you want specifics!

That wraps up the Indiana trip for the most part... I miss my kids but it has been good to have the time away, too.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Job tryouts

Here is a recent question J heard:

How many 16ths are in an inch?

Through his laughter he responded... 16. The man interviewing him said that he actually had interviewed a contractor that morning that answered "four." Um... I don't want to see a house that guy built.

So, what is the interview for, you ask?

Yup, Hornell is looking for more good workers. J and his cousin were told "you'll get a letter in a week." Another person we know heard, "we'll call you if a position opens up." (Alstom is currently hiring for 200 positions.) And from past experience with the way Alstom works around here we know that a letter is promising.... SO... we will keep you posted! :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Reasons We Know We are Supposed to Go

I once heard that if you think you heard God ask you to do something, you know He really did if it would be really inconvenient. If everything would work out, (i.e., you have the finances, time and other means) you may be facing a temptation rather than a test.

Here are our reasons:

1) family is sick

2) no money - laid off

3) odd jobs that are being done are being done with a broken hand

4) no money, did I mention laid off?

5) front wheel berring gone in the truck ($250 fix)

6) no time - wait, we do have that - laid off

7) front wheel berring just went on the car - at least that is cheaper

Maybe we should stop there... this could get depressing if you let it.

It boils down to we DID hear God and it definitely isn't convenient. J says if we only have enough to get out, we are going, cause God said "GO". I remember people thinking we were nuts to go to MS, too. HA! Next week I might have another sermon on faith! :)


Well, I've been asked about our upcoming trip to Indiana. Do you want the short version or the long version?


Bob Perry came to town, God said, "I want you to travel with him when he asks you to." We said ok, he eventually asked, we are going.

Too short? Here's the long, although I am not completely sure that it will be much longer than the short.

Back in.... October, I believe, Bob Perry came to town to minister at Living Waters Church here in Hornell. Being interested in getting as much of God as possible, we went to find out what this prophet was all about. From all accounts that we had heard, he's one of those guys that are scary accurate and on. He is. When we first saw him, God told Johnny that he (BP) would be asking us to travel with him and that we were supposed to go because God wanted to hook us up with the people that BP knows. So, time and life have happened since that chat with God, and we find ourselves gearing up to leave to meet BP and his team in Indiana. J informed me yesterday that we will be leaving at 6:30 next Wednesday..... in the morning.... I did question his choice of time. I was further informed that it is a ten hour drive and I better believe that we will be leaving that early in the morning because there is no way we are arriving on the west side of Indiana at ten o'clock at night. Hm.... Perhaps I can sleep on the way out. We are looking forward to this trip, there is another girl from our church that will be going along but she will be flying in on Thursday. Another friend of ours called up a couple days ago and told J that he felt like maybe he was supposed to go so J told him we have room in the car. He called us back the next day and said that when the ride was offered, he no longer had any excuses NOT to go so we will be traveling together. And I was thrilled to find out that another friend and prophet (he and J are like two peas in a pod and do a lot of "parking lot*" together) from FL will be there as well. That actually made the trip for me.

I was also asked about what we will be doing out there... My current answer is that I do don't know the specifics, but B told J that he will be "by his side" and "you will know what to do". When we are there, I think he is right, there will be know doubt about what it is that God wants us doing. We are both excited and anticipating what God has planned for next week. We leave Wednesday morning and return Sunday or Monday. Should be fun!! :)

*"Parking lot" - They spend whatever time they have and call each other on the carpet on things, hold each other accountable, critique, etc.... Iron sharpens iron.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, we are alive and have not fallen off the face of the earth. :) (Just in case any of you were wondering.) So bear with me, I know I have been HORRIBLE about posting, BUT.... it just hasn't been on the top of my priority list. Oops.

All is well here at the homefront. The kids have been enjoying their Christmas vacation and Bud is doing a FANTASTIC job of rining in the New Year like a champ. He is the only other member of our family still awake. The other two are being party poopers, I guess. :)

We are looking forward to all of the things that God has in store for us this year. J and I will be heading to Indiana in a week and a half and staying out there for a few days with a ministry team. We are looking forward to that! I know so much has gone on in the last two months that I have been very bad and not posted ANYTHING but it is almost four in the morning and my brain is fried. I'll post again eventually. :)