Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, we actually did it! We left at 6:30 in the morning as planned. Perhaps it was the threat from J to carry me out to the car and leave promptly at 6:30 NO MATTER WHAT. I asked if that was a threat and he told me it was a promise, he didn't care if I was in the middle of a showe and still had soap in my hair, if I wasn't ready, he would haul me out there. I believed him so I didn't press my luck. I don't think this threat will work for church on Sunday mornings, though. (I have to defend myself, here, I get up about an hour earlier than he does, get my shower and then get the kids going while he is still tucked snuggly in bed Sundays, so I think I deserve a little slack on that one. Besides, we do a very good job of making it on time and are usually earlier than almost everyone else on the worship team.)

Oh yeah, we saw snow on the way out!! It wasn't that bad, but EVERY snow plow in western NY was out in full force... I think the state workers were trying to get in al their over time since they have not had much of a chance so far this winter.

The family we have been staying with are amazing! They have the sweetest spirits and it has been very cool because their son is autistic, and the mom is always a little worried about how people will react to him. We understood so many of the little - idiosyncrocies - and our girlfriend that came out with us actually works with autistic children, so it was a blessing all the way around for all of us. It was amazing to hear this young man's story and to see what God has done in his life! His parents were told he would never talk, never read, never anything, and it honestly took me a little while to even realize he is autistic! He even has his own driver's licence and helps his father run the farm! Talk about a miracle boy!

Our time in Indiana has been both good and challenging... Our hearts are really to keep getting closer to God and walk deeper with Him, and we've been on the brink of making some decisions regarding our walk and how much we really want to pursue Him. This weekend we've come to the point where God really is asking us to make some of those "required sacrifices". Areas that are not neccessarily wrong, but for where we want to go with Him, are areas that we have to not live in the gray area, but stick with black and white. Higher standards to adhere to. So... we are choosing to let go of the things required to gain a greater intimacy with God and a more holy walk. We have done a lot of talking this weekend with a prophet friend and mentor and he's been in on all these decisions and has been the instrument used to pose some of these challenges and questions. This morning I told him about a dream someone had about J. We went to visit them J was beat but victorious and in AMAZING shape and had a "Moses glow." (Very abridged version) He said that these decisions and actions are what she dreamed about and will in fact be a battle with our own flesh (I hate that!!) and in the end will result in the best spiritual (and potentially physical?) shape we've been in and definitely in that "Moses glow." So, some of this will be tough. No, I take that back, probably all of it will be tough. God does not tend to ask for EASY sacrifices. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a sacrifice, right?? BUT, God honors obedience, and both of us want that deeper walk and power, and I am willing to go through the temporary discomfort for my greater good.

We talked today about upcoming trips with this group and are DEFINITELY looking forward to it! FL for spring break, an invite to Africa... oh yeah. For those interested, BP and team will be in Elmira at the beginning of Feb. Let me know if you want specifics!

That wraps up the Indiana trip for the most part... I miss my kids but it has been good to have the time away, too.


Darryl and Jami said...

awesome stuff!! keep it coming!!
what's up with alstom?
love ya!!!

Lil' Brenda said...

May you be blessed on your future journey. Glad to hear some blogs from you, I must admit I haven't stopped by in awhile. Then again, people are probably giving up on my blog too....sigh. So little time!

mira said...

heh...if this is what I dreamed about...get ready. it looked tough.

talk to you soon. I'm praying.

the Guthrie's said...

Boy is it. The "give me this for a little while" is WAY tougher than anything else. Hmm... Thanks for your prayers and such.