Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, I've been asked about our upcoming trip to Indiana. Do you want the short version or the long version?


Bob Perry came to town, God said, "I want you to travel with him when he asks you to." We said ok, he eventually asked, we are going.

Too short? Here's the long, although I am not completely sure that it will be much longer than the short.

Back in.... October, I believe, Bob Perry came to town to minister at Living Waters Church here in Hornell. Being interested in getting as much of God as possible, we went to find out what this prophet was all about. From all accounts that we had heard, he's one of those guys that are scary accurate and on. He is. When we first saw him, God told Johnny that he (BP) would be asking us to travel with him and that we were supposed to go because God wanted to hook us up with the people that BP knows. So, time and life have happened since that chat with God, and we find ourselves gearing up to leave to meet BP and his team in Indiana. J informed me yesterday that we will be leaving at 6:30 next Wednesday..... in the morning.... I did question his choice of time. I was further informed that it is a ten hour drive and I better believe that we will be leaving that early in the morning because there is no way we are arriving on the west side of Indiana at ten o'clock at night. Hm.... Perhaps I can sleep on the way out. We are looking forward to this trip, there is another girl from our church that will be going along but she will be flying in on Thursday. Another friend of ours called up a couple days ago and told J that he felt like maybe he was supposed to go so J told him we have room in the car. He called us back the next day and said that when the ride was offered, he no longer had any excuses NOT to go so we will be traveling together. And I was thrilled to find out that another friend and prophet (he and J are like two peas in a pod and do a lot of "parking lot*" together) from FL will be there as well. That actually made the trip for me.

I was also asked about what we will be doing out there... My current answer is that I do don't know the specifics, but B told J that he will be "by his side" and "you will know what to do". When we are there, I think he is right, there will be know doubt about what it is that God wants us doing. We are both excited and anticipating what God has planned for next week. We leave Wednesday morning and return Sunday or Monday. Should be fun!! :)

*"Parking lot" - They spend whatever time they have and call each other on the carpet on things, hold each other accountable, critique, etc.... Iron sharpens iron.


mira said...

I wonder if this is what I dreamed about... I want a full report when the "Moses glow" finally appears on J's battle-scarred face.

the Guthrie's said...

I don't know.... we've definitely been through a major one (or ones??) lately... I will be keeping you posted. :) Love you