Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, we are alive and have not fallen off the face of the earth. :) (Just in case any of you were wondering.) So bear with me, I know I have been HORRIBLE about posting, BUT.... it just hasn't been on the top of my priority list. Oops.

All is well here at the homefront. The kids have been enjoying their Christmas vacation and Bud is doing a FANTASTIC job of rining in the New Year like a champ. He is the only other member of our family still awake. The other two are being party poopers, I guess. :)

We are looking forward to all of the things that God has in store for us this year. J and I will be heading to Indiana in a week and a half and staying out there for a few days with a ministry team. We are looking forward to that! I know so much has gone on in the last two months that I have been very bad and not posted ANYTHING but it is almost four in the morning and my brain is fried. I'll post again eventually. :)


Anonymous said...

muah. love you babe, even if you never posted again. miss you terribly (was thinking just that when I checked my mail and got your note!), and am going to try to remember to call tomorrow, though by the time you see this it'll probably be way past tomorrow ;-)


Darryl and Jami said...

um yeah, it took us two naps to stay up until midnight. I fear we have entered "old fogey" territory!!
good to hear you're still alive :-) and I must concur with E....we love you even if you don't update :-)
Tell me more about Indiana!!

the Guthrie's said...

It is good to be missed ;) Indiana... Well, I suppose I could do a post on that, couldn't I? :) Love you both. E, it was good to talk to you, and you were right, I got this after the fact. :) xoxo