Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

I've heard it said that every XBox 360 owner's greatest fear is to hear the words "Halo" and "canceled" in the same sentence. But the thing that will give them the worst nightmare of their life is to see this:

The Ring of Death.

What does the Ring of Death mean? It means that a grown 35 year old man and an almost eleven year old boy whine and cry. Literally. It means that this grown man and this sweet boy will be without their beloved XBox for at least two weeks while the XBox makes it way to Texas to undergo repairs. Both the man and the boy wondered what they would do for those two weeks. The mommy suggested that the man and the boy go outside to play.


Dan said...


Sheena said...

ahh yes, my household has lived through that "catastrophe" twice. The last time, Tony had just come home with Halo 3 when it first released (after waiting in line at the nex for hours!) Put it in to play and the red ring of death showed up... His Halo Party was the very next day, so needless to say, we drove all the way back to base to buy a new Xbox.... fun fun... NOT hehe =) Hopefully,yours will survive the lack of Halo until the Xbox is fixed. =D Obviously, mine cannot.

mira said...

we have yet to return our red-ringed drool-inducing box of laziness. but yes, there was moaning and groaning here as well. for all of two days before it was replaced, that is...

Fruitful Harvest said...

How funny~
Our XBOX 360 had the ring of death just before Christmas...it did not come back from Texas until 10 day after Christmas!
That would not have been so bad...but my sister bought the kids (I have 6) the Guitar Hreo World tour!