Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our first B&B experience

Let me just say, I should have done this YEARS ago. Done what? you may ask. I should have left generic hotels behind and moved on to the more tranquil pastures of a Bed and Breakfast. Batman indulged me this year, and we stayed at a beautiful B&B while we were in Elmira for our annual excursion on the Toys for Tots ride. Let me just say, it was Heaven. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I had NO interest in leaving. Alas, the real world was beckoning us home, so we bid our goodbyes, but not before reserving "our" room for next year. Yes, it was that wonderful. Tony and Marianne Spycher, owners of Villa Bernese are fantastic hosts. Their house was absolutely charming - pictures do not even begin to do it justice - and the food! Oh, the food. Monday I had to start counting points again. It was that delicious and that plentiful! The down comforter and the complimentary bottle of champagne were added bonuses, but the company of Tony and Marianne and the other guests was by far the best. Batman and I are looking forward to returning next year to celebrate our anniversary again! I've always looked forward to the Toys for Tots ride, but this year I am looking forward to it even more! If you ever get a chance, stop in and visit the Spychers at Villa Bernese. You won't regret it!

More photos can be found here.


mira said...

looks SO nice. good job, Johnny!

Melanie Spring said...

If at all possible, I try to only stay at B&B's now. Once you get the experience, you can't go back to hotels. It's incredible and typically worth every penny. Glad you got the chance to do it! :)

Fifi said...

Now that looks like a slice of heaven Mrs Guthree !!! I love B&B's too .... it must be that personal touch and peaceful environment. So glad you guys enjoyed yourself.