Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More Winter Fun

Since we are surrounded by beautiful and enormous mounds of snow, I thought today would be the perfect day to post about Batman's ice races. Yes, I said ice races - for the three wheeler (or four wheeler or motorcycle, but since his baby is the three wheeler, that's what he races). Now, since I do my best to never even STEP on ice unless ice skates are on my feet (even then it isn't a pretty picture), the idea of RACING on the ice is a very foreign one to me. To Batman, though, it was something he looked forward to ALL. YEAR. LONG. Literally. As soon as we found out that they were being held on Superbowl Sunday this year (*ahem*, yes, I am playing catch-up, here), we called our friends and rearranged our Superbowl party schedule just a tad so he could still go. The littles and I packed up in the truck with him at some ungodly hour bright and early and away we went!

When we arrived, I was surprised at the number of people there and at the condition and quality of the place that we were at. We were in Podunk Wh---ville! Needless to say, for insurance purposes, we are now members of the Wh---ville Rod and Gun club. Huh. Batman says it would be a perfect place for a summer picnic with friends out by the pond/lake/marsh thing. I hold out that it is a little far from H--- and that we don't have any friends that live there, anyway. As far as using it for the gun club, um.... well.... it isn't like we can't just go out in our own back yard for some target practice. But whatever, I digress. Back to the ice races.

Batman had A BLAST, the kids thought it was terrific, and one of their favorite parts was watching the remote control cars race around the pond. Not kidding. They also loved watching all the vehicles with actual drivers, and the boys made plans to practice up on their motorcycles and enter the races with daddy next year. The Girl, however, held firm. She plans on standing at the edge and watching with mommy. Driving and slipping around in circles on the ice? No, thank you. Watch other idiots adventuresome people do so? Sounds like fun.


Bug and Eye said...

hee hee oh I remember soccer games in that particular town....
hope you're enjoying the thaw! love ya

mira said...

and as it turns out that driving around on the ice thing isn't your son's favorite thing either, tee hee.

patrick was impressed by the wheelie.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

ha! :)

Glad he was impressed with Uncle J's wheelie. :) Anything to impress the nephews. ;)