Thursday, September 09, 2010

Changing Seasons

My house smells like cinnamon.

I know, that is a strange introduction after an absence nearly three months long. What can I say? I've been wrapped up in my love affair with summer - with the sun and the warmth, with flip flops and polka dots, with garden fresh veggies and all things grilled. Despite the love and enjoyment of this summer, I have to admit, every time I've looked at this page, I have had ZERO inspiration. Don't fret, I still have been stopping at your pages. I haven't been ignoring everything. :)

Now I am ready to settle back in, bake, soak in the heat from the wood stove, and find some inspiration to blog. Bean-bag school is in session and routine is back. All of us at the "Guthrie homestead" are looking forward to what is in store for us this season. What I heard from the littles today while they did school is perfect:
"But God's plans are not always the same as man's plans."

I'm glad His plans are not mine. He is far more creative and caring (and all knowing!!) than I am. Here's to new seasons, God's bigger plans, and the beauty of autumn.


Abbey said...

You are back!!!
I love the new blog layout!! Very fallish!:)

Fifi said...

Hello beautiful lady .... so glad you posted! I am breathing in that cinnamon smell as I write.
I love Autumn .... we're in Spring and the rain and mist are about to envelop us. Enjoy!