Monday, September 13, 2010

Train up a child....

The Girl's Language work today had the following directions:

On a separate sheet of paper, use each of the following words in a declarative sentence:


For "princess"... (wait, I need a moment to compose myself and wipe the tear from my eye. I am SO PROUD......)

Ok... The Girl wrote:

"I am a princess."

Yes, my love, you are. I am so glad that all the girlie training is paying off. You are a girl after your momma's own heart. Would you like to go to the salon later? We could paint our nails this afternoon with matching colors if you'd like.....


Bug and Eye said...

AW! yup, that little girl knows the way to mama's heart!!
Oh I'd love a salon day with my mommy....

smoore2213 said...

I love your blog! I didn't know there was any other Mommy/EMT/homeschool moms that EXISTED. :-)

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