Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girls and Their Toys

Ok, I'll admit it... I used to be one of those girls that just didn't understand the appeal of toys.... You know, the "boys and their toys" kind of toys. The ones with motors and tires and throttles. THOSE toys. But something has changed.... I own one of those toys. I see the appeal now. The appeal is GREAT.

The last three days of Spring-like weather threw me headlong into Spring fever, and surprisingly, not just for the warm weather, or the flip flops (shocking, I know), or the ability to wear skirts on a regular basis. I want to smell the exhaust of bikes and four wheelers, I want to hear the roar of the engines, and get on my own little yellow four wheeler and RIDE. Batman spent today changing the oil and the brakes to get it all up and ready. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Dear Spring,

Please stop teasing us and just get here and STAY. I have sun to soak up, and skirts and flip flops to wear, and a four wheeler to drive.


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Kelly said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog. It looks fun. I love homeschooling. We take it year by year and this year we put our kids back in school while we are living for a short while in Canada. We felt right about it so we did it. Anyway, I know what you mean about spring, except there is NO teasing here - just cold. I could use a tease or two. :)