Saturday, April 28, 2007

What We Do For Fun

This is what we do on a warm sunny Saturday morning.

We burn barns.

And we let our kids tag along to watch.

But by the time lunchtime rolls around and Farmer Joe up the road wants us to burn junk for him, too, the kids have had enough and are ready to go play with Papa. They go play and we stick it out and go to the second burn, get sunburned to boot, cause for this one we are just sitting around in normal people clothes and it is close to 80 degrees. But it is fun.... At least the first time around, when we are actually doing our job and keeping other things from burning to the ground in the process.

What do YOU do for fun??


mira said...

yay for normal people clothes on a warm spring day and for crazy kid pics. keep 'em coming.

Bug and Eye said...

um, I paint my toes funny colors and put little confetti hearts on them. You're way more exciting than I am ;-)