Friday, July 20, 2007

I Know You Want to See This

The curved shower curtain rod. *sigh* Absolute bliss. My elbows don't touch the shower curtain while I am taking a shower. It's hot. I REALLY like the shower curtain too... Don't mind the wrinkles... it just came out of the package. They will steam out once I take a shower.

The counter top
. This I am in LOVE with. (Please ignore the fact that there is a door missing on the vanity. That is a sore subject for the moment. I will be seeing a cupboard door maker on Monday to deal with that little issue.) Sorry about the sidebar. Back to the counter top. Our cousin over at Truman's Tops made this for me. I LOVE IT. Really, I do. He matched everything beautifully. If you are redoing your counter tops and you live around here, you better email me so I can give you all his information. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Hey, maybe if you weren't thinking of redoing your counters you should... It will make you haaaapppppyyyyyyyy....... Seriously. I was jumping up and down and clapping like a little girl. I wonder if I can sleep on it......................... Ok, sorry, moving on.

The toilet. I just KNEW you would want to see this. There, now I have made your day. You don't have to thank me. :)


Jennifer said...

It is all very nice. I particularly like the shower curtain.

Denise said...

Everything is looking beautiful!!!!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Jennifer, thanks, and thanks for stopping by.

Mom, thank you :) When are you coming to check it out (again - I promise, this time I will try to have no emergency calls.....)? Love you too.

mira said...

ooh, very nice!!! Praise God for working this out, I know it'll be a much appreciated luxury/necessity.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

I know! Another lesson in thankfulness ;)

Bug and Eye said...

oh honey!!! i am chick flailing with you!!!! it is so pretty!!!!