Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Planning Ahead

Yesterday I fixed a roast chicken for lunchsupperdinner. I took the leftovers and made chicken salad for sandwiches and that is what the kids and I had for lun-whatever that is... our evening meal. T, being her sweet and oh-so-mommy-like self, told me that she absolutely LOVED her sandwich, it was the BEST thing I have ever made, etc. "Mom, you HAVE to give me this recipe when I grow up so I can make this for my kids." Ok, baby. I will try to remember. :o) Thank you.


Bug and Eye said...

yeah. I just melted at that. how precious!!!!
new pics pleeeease??? and when do we get a photo journey through your renovations?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

I actually took pics of my bathtub last night with plans to - at some point - do a follow up post of E's "clean green" with my focus on the bathroom..... (I'm super picky about cleaing it......) Thought we could keep educating people. *lol* I'll work on pics... :)

Bug and Eye said...

yeah, bathrooms need to sparkle. I am with you there.