Monday, February 11, 2008

The Way to My Kids' Hearts

If the way to my husband's heart is through his a) stomach b) three wheeler c) motorcycle d) all of the above, (for the sake of THIS discussion, we will stick with the c) motorcycle -- or maybe that's the way to MY heart??), then the way to my children's hearts is definitely through their very own motorcycles as well.

On Saturday we ignored our knock-you-flat-out-and-make-you-wish-for-the-raptureRIGHTNOW-week- long-sickness and started with a fantastic lunch with good friends and family. (Don't feel bad for the family.... they are the ones that shared the ..... sickness... to begin with.) Then we made our way to a hockey game (and if said family will get pictures of said game to me, perhaps there will be a post on that as well....) then off to shop for new motorcycles for very deserving and cute little children. The motorcycle shop intitally only had ONE bike and just about went to another city to retrieve it for us then found another, then realized that an employee had mismarked the second motorcycle.... By two hundred dollars. I love saving money that way. :) The manager of the store was nice enough to just say that her employee had messed up, congratulations to you, I owe you a large chuck of money and refund us the "overcharged" portion. Yay!!

T's bike is running,

daddy is prepping B's bike

and they are completely prepared to test them out. And also praying that God will send more weird warm Western NY weather our way so they can do some serious riding up in the gravel pit rather than try them out in head-to-toe-stay-warm-and-un-frostbitten snow gear up and down the road once. Hey, you have to start somewhere, though. Both adorable children have been found sitting on their bikes with wistful expressions on their faces. Wistful is better than devious. Safer, too, I hope.


Bug and Eye said...

aww! they are growing up way too fast!

Pia said...

happy valentine's day, mrs. guthrie! =D