Friday, April 04, 2008

Oh yeah, an UPDATE (Week Five)

Wednesday I was bad, I know.... I didn't post. And I just KNOW you were all waiting with bated breath to see how my week went. But it was my birthday, and I didn't WANT to post. Take that. Besides, I felt that it would have been depressing to post it, and I wanted to focus on love, sunshine and flowers.

So, ANYWAY.... one pound. One measly little pound.... Wait..... no...... I LOST A POUND!!! I haven't stopped losing and I haven't gained. So all is still well..... So it went slowly this week..... No big deal.

There, I feel better.


mira said...

you survived a birthday and still lost weight? Color me impressed.

have crunchy pamper-yourself goodies to send to you thanks to a friend who was giving them away. We'll call it a late birthday present, mm-k?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

ACTUALLY... the weigh in was on the morning of my birthday.... I have since lost more, but cannot at this time disclose the rest of that information because it will spoil next Wednesday's post.... ;) So you can still be colored impressed. :)

yay!! Pamper myself b-day presents ROCK.

Anonymous said...


Bug and Eye said...

aww honey - I shoulda sent you pics of sunshine and flowers :-) and yeah....I love makeover ingrediants that can be found in the fridge...ever given yourself an egg white facial? works WONDERS!!