Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Repeat (Week 9)

Another slow one.... half a pound again. Hey, I am just letting her catch up, that's all... (Three down since we started).... Back to carrots, celery sticks and salads, I think......

(But, hey, sixteen pounds in nine weeks isn't TOO bad, right? Eh, doesn't SOUND great...)


mira said...

add protein and fiber. Garbanzo beans in your mac-n-cheese, soybeans in your salad (yum) and wheat germ and flax meal in your granola, for example :) Oh, and beef stew with tons of lentils (and give most of your potatoes away).

I *think* I've gained a pound or two this week. getting a little tough to see the scale without contorting myself in such a way that the scale is thrown off, lol.

Dan said...

she's not doing so hot catching up, according to the latest dr. visit she also lost one pound