Sunday, May 04, 2008

Operation: Excavation

J and E live on a hill.
They have an upper driveway.
J decided - take it down,
And E took all the pictures.

We have two driveways - the "lower" and the "upper". We decided having an "upper" driveway was overrated and that we wanted more flat space behind the house. We found someone with bulldozer toys. He started playing yesterday:

The toy. Mr. Jackson (owner and operator) says this is one of his smaller ones.

Each scoop is moving up to 5 tons of dirt at a time.

Getting it all to one level.


DadW said...

WoW! Cool. Amazing whacha can do with one of those li'l sandbox toys in a very short time! Looks great!
Hey, how's J doin' today?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

No kidding... He was only here for four hours.... Not sure how much time the last chunk will take.

J is ok.... very sore... And to boot a timing belt went on the Subahoo on the way to Rochester, so he had to further strain the calf muscle pushing the heap closer to the ramp so his dad could come *safely* retrieve us. *sigh* It's pouring.