Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet Drumstick

Yes, I said "Drumstick."

Yes, Drumstick is a CHICKEN.

Yes, I see the irony. The kids named her. Rumor has it that the ugliest/smallest chickens are usually the best layers. Here's hoping.....

Drumstick feels she is a member of the family. Perhaps after the kids named her, she realized the connotations of her name and decided she better integrate herself into our family a little more. I'll give you an example....

Thursday the kids were outside at the picnic table doing school. Drumstick hopped up on the bench next to T and watched for a couple minutes.

She then proceed to get in T's lap and "read" with her.

She wandered away for a couple minutes only to return to T and watch her put her hair up.

After spending a few more minutes with T, she wandered a couple feet over on the bench and perched next to JT and observed his "math class".

Drumstick loves all four of us and has no qualms about parking next to the dog, either. She is more than happy to follow us around, weaving in and around our legs, and is even happier to be CARRIED around.

Dear God, PLEASE don't let this chicken be a rooster in disguise and PLEASE make her the best layer we have. I don't think I would have the heart to eat her. Amen.

1 comment:

mira said...

that is one funny looking chicken. barred rock (which it looks like is somewhere in Drumstick's gene pool) are def. the best chickens out there.

"farm" life. cute.

just wait 'till SHE lays HER first egg. So long as it's not right on the homework ;-)