Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To my birthday girl:

Well, T, another year has come and gone. I still clearly remember all the emotions I felt when we found out I was pregnant with you... Relief in knowing WHY I was eating french fries and cottage cheese and honestly thinking it was good; shock because my DOCTOR told me I wasn't pregnant... Shouldn't they know?? Panic, wondering what on earth I would do with two babies at once... Thank God your brother grew up some in those nine months. :) Fear, not know why your brother had been born so early and not knowing if I would go through the same thing with you... Would you make it?? But, T, stronger than any of those emotions was excitement and hope. I prayed every day for you, that you would be a happy, healthy, FULL TERM little GIRL.

The minute we laid eyes on you, daddy and I fell in love with you. You were so sweet and tiny, and most definitely mommy's girl!!! Now you are eight years old and you are daddy's little girl too. I wonder, when you are grown and out on your own, will you still consider yourself "daddy's little girl" like I do with my dad? Will you still love to spend time with mommy? Will your hair still go down to your pants? These are some of the questions I have had running through my head today. I watched you on your motorcycle in your new pink and black riding outfit, looking so girly, yet so confident on what some would consider a "boy's toy"... I was so proud of you!!! T, you are growing up into a fine young lady, and I love you and am so proud of you. Your smile lights up a room, and you can be a clown and a card with the best of them, but what I love most is your soft heart, your love for Jesus, and your joy in worshiping Him. We love you, Princess.

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