Friday, November 20, 2009

Yes, he is THAT kind of guy....

You know the one.... The guy that:

° loves you unconditionally,
° prays for you,
° provides for you,
° makes you laugh,
° surprises you,
° still gives you butterflies,
° remembers your favorite flower and sends it just so he can say "I love you...."
° you give your whole heart to without a second thought.

The hubby thought today was a perfect day for a surprise... just because. I think he fits the bill of "THAT guy" perfectly.

Thanks, Batman. :) You win the who-loves-who-more debate... For today. :)

1. November 029, 2. November 024, 3. November 013, 4. November 026


mira said...

yup, super sweet. This week in our house, just doing the dishes every(!) night earns my H the sweetest guy in the county award ;-p

and whoa, new decor on the blog. you planning on being "regular" again?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Wow!! Go, brother!! :)

Hmm... "regular"..... As long as "regular" means anywhere from once a month to once a day, absolutely!! ;) lol