Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catching up and such

Once again, I've disappeared. Not for an insanely extended amount of time or anything, but long enough for Batman to begin to worry that all our faithful readers will disappear. Ha.

I've just been laying low for the last week or so, feeling very tired. And no, not because the pregnancy epidemic has spread to our house. Rest assured, it has not. I've just been quite pooped. A visit to the doctor (you know, that once-a-year kind. *shudder*) has verified that everything is hunky dory. Weight (*scoffs*), blood pressure, general health... And the normal blood work results to tell about cholesterol and all the other nonsense very important blood level readings - lovely. Every last one of them is lovely. Yay. So why I am so utterly exhausted is still in question. Answers will be forthcoming, soon, we hope.

In the meantime, what I really wanted to say was this:

I love my hubby.  Now that I've said that, allow me to grant you a little window into why:

Growing up, my daddy not only showed my mom how much he loved her, he never hesitated to show me. I grew up with the knowledge that little girls (and grown-up ones, too) are to be cherished, and every Valentine's Day, my dad would do something special for me. The most memorable Valentine's Day for me is February 14, 1997, just four months and three weeks before our wedding.  My dad came in to the house and gave me a bouquet of flowers (don't worry, mom got one, too, and hers were always bigger ;) ). I remember tears in his eyes. I know there were tears in mine. He gave me my flowers and told him they would be his last Valentine's Day present to me. The next year my husband would get to take over.

Batman has done a great job. Not only does he shower me with love, but he has carried on the tradition of showering that love on his own daughter as well. I firmly believe that a large chunk of a little girl's feelings of self-worth stem from her relationship with her daddy. I am so thankful that my little girl is cherished by hers. Both The Girl and I are immensely grateful that Batman knows the way to our hearts.

One for each of us. He's a great man, I tell ya.  No, I'm not sharing.  Well, ok, maybe just one.

What I WILL share is this: a post about another race, one about the adventures of a motorcycle, a weigh-in, even though I'd really rather not, and maybe a few others.  Stay tuned!  I will be back! :)


Brenda said...

I missed something.
The pregnancy epidemic?
Well, I for one am exhausted. ;-)
Little B

Mrs. Guthrie said...

you, two girlfriend, J's sister (she's about half-way through? Maybe? Not sure), and then another girlfriend, a cousin and the silbf (go back and look at E's last post again.... carefully :) ) are all about week for week... *whew* I think that makes two sets of threes. ;) Oh, plus an extra... there must be two more floating out there somewhere....

And btw, you have a fantastic reason for feeling exhausted!!! :D How much longer do you have?? Totally can't remember right now.

Bug and Eye said...

yeah, no pregnancy epidemic in our house either...although my family's got it - SIL and cousin -
and I'm with you - great men are a blessing from God.
I remember the last Christmas before we got married - it was the last jewelry gift from Dad before hubby took over...
and those little things hubby does every's like diamonds every day :)
which one of J's sister's is expecting? and I gotta go read your SILBFs blog!!! Explains why I got an email sending me to her blog...

Mrs. Guthrie said...

B is... no clue how far along she is... halfway or so, I think.

QUITE excited about the silbf.... I've been waiting/anticipating this announcement for WEEKS. Not kidding.

DadW said...

OMG - B'fly kisses and ... sniiiffff! I forgot all about that! Anyway, I remembered to get Mom roses (Tops Sale - BIG flashing sign at both ends of the plaza, how could I miss?). What a wonderful post - and way to BE, Batman! We're proud of ya. Love yas all!
P.S. - Have you noticed that all your "word verification" thingies lately sound like bodily noises?

Fifi said...

What a lovely tradition your Dad started ..... mmmmm .... gonna bounce this one off MrGee. Well done Batman for picking up the batton!