Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stalling and Gaining (Weeks four, five and six)

Oh. Lord. Ack. Dear Father in Heaven, HELP. Amen. Let's just say the last three weeks have not exactly been... productive... in the weight LOSS department. If I was her, I'd get excited... She should now be ahead in the pound-for-pound challenge. By how much? Well, week four, I was at a stand still. Same with week five. Six, on the other hand.... Yeah...... Up 4.2 pounds. Grrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat. I'd love to say it is because we went out on a date. I'd love to attribute it to pizza. Or being tired. Or a multitude of other things. But I need to be real. Yes, those things happened, but I can't make excuses. Those things are just life. I need to be able to follow through even when "life" happens. Otherwise it will just be a yo-yo forever. So, back to square one. Twelve pounds to go. What do you think, E? Can you gain 12 in the next seven months? Ready, set, GO!

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Bug and Eye said...

Pizza isn't all bad...check out my blog this morning on spark....I share my healthified pizza recipe :)
hang in there girlie, we CAN do this!!
hugging you