Monday, April 24, 2006


So, the owner of the house suprised us at church by presenting us with a gorgeous collage of pictures nicely framed. It will be the first photos that will be hung on our walls down here. So there I am up there crying because he it talking about what our family has meant to him and what all the help from everyone around has done for them....
I took the liberty of scanning a couple and decided to post them here since... WOW! I'm in them! :) I am normally the one BEHIND the camera, and I thought maybe family and friends might want to be able to have a reminder of what I look like?? ;) Really, I thought that the picture of the "two girls" was a good one - looks a LOT like her mommy!! The other picture is of our sheetrock unloaders, so they NEED to be in there. :) Thanks for your help, guys!!

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