Monday, April 17, 2006

What Happens When You Pray

Some of you have heard this story, but I will retell it for those of you who have not. That way the pictures will make a little more sense.

We are currently living in a house right on the bayou. I talked about it some in a previous post... the one letting all of you know that, yes, we are still alive. Anyway, this house needed everything but the frame and we have been working on it slowly but surely. We have been helping the owner of the house fix this one and a few of his others and have an "answer to prayer" deal for living in this house. Johnny spent some time praying for favor and for specific supplies for the house. A few weeks ago when we had the SOS team in, we got a phone call and were told to come pick up ALL of the sheetrock for our house (both upstairs and downstairs.) The truck and a trailer were laoded up with the sheetrock, and then with ALL of the tape, mud and paint to finish the walls. While Johnny was loading the sheetrock, the man that orchestrated this told him that our insulation would be in within the next week or so. For those of you that know anything about building, you know that would have been a large cost. This was GIVEN to us. The timing of the sheetrock was wonderful, as well. We were able to share with the kids from the mission team what God will do if you pray! A real life, hands on example. They had to help unload it!!

Last week John went to pick up the insulation. The owner of the house came over and told John that he looked like the Construction Santa Clause pulling in our road with a truck and trailer load of free insulation. We've been able to share with him the power of prayer. Someone asked me why we had been praying for the sheetrock and insulation or other supplies for the house. Wasn't the owner of the house buying all that anyway and it never was going to be an expense for us? This is true, but you know, I will pray for all sorts of stuff to come in and bless this man... he has provided us with some very precious accomodations and you better belive that I am asking God to bless this man's socks off and what if this the thing that brings him to salvation? He came to church with us last week and when an alter call was given asking if we are where we should be with God and would we like to put our lives totally in God's hands and walk away from our old ways, he raised his hand... Keep this man in prayer that God will continue to work in his life and that John and I will have ample opporutnity to minister to him.

Our Sheetrock and insulation... What a beautiful sight! :)


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I personally have wept at the sight of sheetrock. Indoor plumbing has the same effect on me.