Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yes, I am alive....

Ok, for those of you that have been keeping track of this site, I am done being horrible and not posting... for today.... :)

We are still alive and well down here in MS and I spent my first birthday away from home AT the BEACH! Now how cool is that?? Normally we are shovelling out snow... I am liking this...

The "new" house is awesome! (We've moved from North of I-10 to down on the bayou much closer to the beach) The rough wiring for electricity was finished Friday and the plumber will be there Monday... after those two things are done and inspected, we can put up insulation and sheetrock. Woo hoo!! In case you were wondering, we are in a gutted house that was under a litte bit of water. (A little bit translates to water up to the ceiling in the second story.) We live on the second (main - most houses there are on stilts and the only a few actually having living quarters on the ground floor) floor and J's cousin and sister and my brother's brother-in-law live on the first level. JT and T LOVE it and get to ride bikes all over the street and adore the owner of the house... He makes a fantastic "great-grandpa" figure.

Last week we had teams from North Dakota in with Sons of Salvation in Florida. What an awesome experience!! It was a Senior class from a Christian school up there and working with them and then having the chance to minister to them at the end of the week was unforgettable. Can't wait to do it again! :)

J is keeping very busy helping people to rebuild... Big project, but taking it one job at a time. There are days that he feels like there is not enough time in the week to get everything done and then days here and there that he remembers to slow down and take a breath. Thankfully, today was my birthday so he was FORCED to take the day off and play. ;) I think it has done him some good. :)

I will be posting again... Keep track... I just won't promise to post on a daily (or even regular?) basis for right now. I'll get pics in here as well.... Eventually ;)

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