Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bud

I can't believe you are nine years old today. I still clearly remember how I felt when the doctors told me you were breathing. I remember the first time I held you. You were so tiny. Three pounds, four ounces.

Now you are huge. I can wear your shoes. You come up to my shoulder. The time has gone by so fast.

I remember when your daddy took picture after picture of you in the NICU and eventually you brought you tiny hand up to your eyes, covered them, and cried. It was so cute.

When you were three months old you were finally the size of a "normal" newborn. You were five months old by the time you caught up to Daddy's birth weight - 9lbs 8oz.

On your first Christmas you made an adorable picture in your mini Santa suit.

You always had a smile on your face - even when we were taking embarrasing pictures to later use against you... I know someday this particular one will probably humiliate you... But, just so you know, I think it is adorable.

And that love for driving things around that you have now? You aquired that early in life, too. You were SO GOOD on that cross country trip to California.

See the way your are eyeing that bottle? Your affection for food hasn't changed, either. Boy,I can't KEEP food with you around!! I wonder if it will get worse when you hit your teens....

You always loved being with all of your family, and you still do! You'd probably be totally ok with spending a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house, a week at home, a week at Aunt S and Uncle D's house, a week at home, a week at Aunt B and Uncle K's house, a week at home... If I sent you to this Aunt and Uncle's house, it would probably be a little more cost efficient to leave you there a little longer than a week.

You are a very laid back boy. You are a joy and a blessing to have. I thank God for the miracle of you, for your kind and loving heart and for your heart after God. I love you, Bud. You are by far my favorite son.


Bug and Eye said...

I can't believe he's nine already!
I remember praying for you all when he arrived early and remember how everyone thought he was just a few days old rather than months old at my grad party-I remember the day you told me you were expecting him...oh happy days Ernie! Hug him for me willya?
hopefully I can hug you all in person next weekend!

DadW said...

dab-dab, sniiiif, blow ... O.k., I've got my composure back now. Good thing I decided to look at this post at luchtime when no one's around. What a beatiful piece! Hard to believe how the time flies. Love you and Bud, too! We're proud of ya!