Thursday, June 05, 2008


My first black eye!!"

Yeah, that's how I looked at it too.... or not. My reaction was closer to: Oh. My. Gosh. WHAT. HAPPENED?! B was down at the neighbor/cousin's house playing "500" (no clue) and he got kneed in the eye by the resident girl teen/horse trainer of the family. Yikes. It already looks worse. This is what it looked like when he walked in the door:

Yeah. We'll see how it looks tomorrow.


Bug and Eye said...

oh dear! what did daddy say? rite of passage? how's it look today?

DadW said...

My FIRST? Now there's vision! Are we expecting a series? Anyway, to Bud/"Rocky" - looks like you took it well. You're tough as nails and twice as sharp!

Anonymous said...

it is good now.

- bud

mira said...

congrats kiddo! I got my first DOUBLE black eye (as in both eyes) when I was 3! Nobody kneed me though, I just fell head first off a wood pile. oops.