Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hypocritical maybe?

Today I got a chance to see my friendly nearly neighbor and physician. I went in for a check-up and my HEP B vaccination. The nurse gave me the paperwork on it and I started reading:

Who should get hepatitis B vaccine and when?
Children and Adolescents
• All children .... blah blah blah, not me, don't care right now, skip that part....
• Children ... skip that one, too. The hot pink paper just didn't make it interesting enough to read that part...
• All unvaccinated adults at risk for HBV infection should be vaccinated. This includes:
- sex partners of people infected with HBV, (uh, no.)
- men who have sex with men, (eek! Number one, not a man. Number two, that is just so wrong.)
- people who inject street drugs, (nope, don't do drugs...)
- people with more than one sex partner, (at this point, I am REALLY starting to wonder why I just subjected myself to the sheer toture of a needle.....)
- people with chronic liver or kidney disease, (not me, healthy as a horse over here...)
- people with jobs that expose them to human blood, (OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, THERE I am..... ok, quit reading now.....)

Now I feel better.... I had a logical reason for putting myself through that... I guess. I hear it is mandatory for EMT's to get it done. Yay. So, I jumped into this field for WHAT reason? Wait, it will come back to me eventually...

Anyway, on to the hypocritical part: I was sitting in the exam room, already slightly nervous because I had more things to deal with at the doctor's than just the shots. And, honestly, I completely forgot I was getting them til I looked up and saw the little menacing vials sitting there on the counter, laughing at me. Really, they were. My nurse read through my paperwork and mentioned said laughing vials, sending me into a nervous twitch. She laughed and said perhaps a dose or two of Valium would be appropriate at this point, then proceeded to take my blood pressure. What good timing. What is hypocritical about any of this? you may ask..... Because, needles really do make me freak out. I start to shake, my palms get all sweaty, and at times I wonder if I will end up passing out.... Yet, on our rig, anytime the needles come out for drawing blood and starting IV's and the patient starts to panic, I calmly bend over them, gently place my hands on their face, tell them to just look in my eyes, and say, "it will all be ok. This is not a big deal. You can do this...." Meanwhile, if it was ME on that cot, I'd be heading for a full blown anxiety attack. I have one more shot in the series left... maybe I can do better on that one.


denise said...

Poor baby......I'm sorry. If I was with you I would have held your hand. I love you.

Bug and Eye said...

Remember the time we ate the dip off the floor? remember the time that would have made us go EWWWW?
You're not so much a hypocrite. You just need someone to go with you and hold your hand and tell you you can get through this...I'm doing it in heart :-) Love you!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

thanks for holding my hands, guys... I might need you again in six months. :)

Bug and Eye said...

you got my digits - want me to hold your hand by phone?