Thursday, December 17, 2009

♪♫ Making a List, and Checking Things Off ♫♪

Remember that list of things to do? The one that came with the reminder to enjoy the relationships and Reason rather than get bogged down in the project? Well.... I'm here to tell you, I am making PROGRESS!! Hip, hip, HURRAY!! Look what I've accomplished so far:


Grandma’s press cookies
Chocolate peppermint cookies
Peanut butter blossoms (We ate all the ones that mom sent home on Friday. Yes, we’re lushes sometimes. Yes, they were very tasty.)

Saltine Cracker Toffee Bars (definitely on the permanent list!!)
ANOTHER batch of Mrs. O’s sugar cookies. VERY important

◊ Decorate sugar cookies

◊ Ice the molasses cookies that are already done

Make cookie trays from said cookies + the cookies that we already did on Friday (the ones that actually lasted the weekend around here…)

Thaw out the cookies that we made Friday – that should probably be done first…..
Deliver said cookie trays to K&K, Carquest, H-city fire department (for all their help – technically it’s from us, but it is F-town Fire Department’s “thank you”)
Christmas cards
Pick up and wrap remaining presents from mom’s house
Put together gifts for Batman’s family
Learn go over song to do with the brothers for the Christmas program on Sunday
Get ahold of the brother with the idea to find out what song it is – again. (Ahem, Z, if you’re reading… I, uh, needtoberemindedofwhatsongwearedoing. I am pretty sure that text message has been erased. Oops.)

Oh, you wanted a visual?


Hannah said...

Great job! So they were the cookies I thought ;-) We always called them Grandma's rolled cookies. I don't think of them as a sugar cookie and I'm pretty sure it was my great-grandma's recipe (maybe even her mother's???). Just got your first, so again, GREAT JOB!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Awesome!! It's nice to know where that stuff comes from... They are literally my FAVORITE cut-out/sugar cookie. There is no comparison!

Hurray! I was your first Christmas card for the year!!! :D Yay! :)