Monday, December 14, 2009

The Reason

There is less than two weeks left until Christmas, and I look at my list of things that I still need to get done and sigh.

♦ Cookies:
◊ Grandma’s press cookies
◊ Chocolate peppermint cookies
◊ Peanut butter blossoms (We ate all the ones that mom sent home on Friday. Yes, we’re lushes sometimes. Yes, they were very tasty.)
◊ ANOTHER batch of Mrs. O’s sugar cookies. VERY important

♦ Make cookie trays from said cookies + the cookies that we already did on Friday (the ones that actually lasted the weekend around here…)
♦ Deliver said cookie trays to K&K, Carquest, H-city fire department (for all their help – technically it’s from us, but it is F-town Fire Department’s “thank you”)
♦ Christmas cards
♦ Pick up and wrap remaining presents from mom’s house
♦ Put together gifts for Batman’s family
♦ Learn song to do with the brothers for the Christmas program on Sunday
♦ Get ahold of the brother with the idea to find out what song it is – again. (Ahem, Z, if you’re reading… I, uh, needtoberemindedofwhatsongwearedoing. I am pretty sure that text message has been erased. Oops.)

Then I take a breath and remember something that Aunt Pat posted on Rachel's page the other day: (in a nutshell) It isn't about the project, it is about the relationship.
It isn't about all of those things that I "need" to get done. It is about the relationships that I build in the meantime. And most of all, it is about our Savior. Not the cookies, not the presents, not even the snow. This is a time to reflect on Him, and thank Him for the ultimate gift: His Son, and therefore, Life.


Dan said...

it's o holy night. calm down.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

lol. I'm calm, I'm calm!! :) Maybe. Sorta. Ok, I'm working on it. ;)

BTW (ha), what are you and the boys doing Saturday while we browse the bizarre bazaar and drink the warm, yummy, spicy mulled stuff?

Daniel said...

i don't know.

Daniel said...

my list: find the bottom of the laundry basket(s), clean for the bazaar, make and wrap presents, bake, and think about how a not-that-festive person would pretend to be festive for the sake of her family. hrm.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Sweetie, you just need to be retrained! :) (To be festive and actually absolutely love Christmas and birthdays and other celebrations...) Reread this post and when you get to the bottom, pay attention. There's Reason Number One to be festive. ;) (I know you know that, but still... ;) ) We'll get you loving celebrations yet. Love you!