Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Bubble

I LOVE Christmas shopping online. Period. I think that there is no other way to do it. Case and point: I was at Kmart (simply because Walmart does not do layaway anymore, and sometimes you just need layaway to store your stuff so it isn't hidden in the pantry for little people to find) today to pay part of our layaway. I was blissfully ALONE (aside from the littles - I let them tag along this time) in the layaway section, and suddenly, a hoard of people swarmed in. I almost tweaked. One woman came up and positioned herself and her cart next to me - not behind me in line - NEXT TO ME. She was getting very close to my bubble. Then, another woman came along side me on the other side, hovered over my purse (definitely INSIDE my bubble at this point) and asked if Kmart "does" layaway. Uh, yes. They do. By now, "having a tweak" as The Girl would say, was imminent. Not IF, but WHEN. One more woman nearly tipped the scales. The layaway-wonderer moved on, and another woman took her place. I caught sight of a dazzling, ear-to-ear smile out of the corner of my eye, drew a breath and turned my head to see who was inside my bubble this time. The tension eased out of my body and I let out a laugh as I saw the source of the dazzling smile was one of my friends from church. We left layaway together talking about the merits of online shopping. Less people. Hurray!

In keeping with the desire to remain thankful in all things, I'm quite thankful for miss L today. She was a breath of fresh air in the crazy mass of bodies Christmas shopping. I am also quite thankful for online shopping. :)

Merry Almost-Christmas and Happy Shopping, everyone!


mira said...

ha! we were just talking about the bubble yesterday. which is worse, a bubble that is popped by physical closeness, or one that is popped by the clock?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Hmm... good question. Depends on the day and the mood I suppose. ;)