Tuesday, March 06, 2007

About the Bread

It was experimental. It was awful. I am very dissapointed. I think I better stick with the way I know.

Edited to add:
I don't know what happened to it. It was just yucky. I used all freshly milled flour (yay, me) instead of half milled myself, half store-bought already "flour" flour. It is also possible that I put too much in?? but it just didn't raise well and wasn't light and fluffy and I am SO SO SO SO SO VERY dissapointed. BUT... on the good side, my aunt sent up a loaf of fresh, homemade, she milled-some-of-the-flour-herself bread. And it was perfect. So I am good til tomorrow. I do wonder if she saw this post and felt bad for my... not LACK of cooking skills, but definitely not as practiced or perfected as hers... cooking skills and sent one up or if she just HAPPENED to be thinking of me today and decided to send up a loaf of perfectly normal, everyday (for around here, anyway) bread. I'm still trying to get ahold of her to find this out.

And, Aunt P, if you are "lurking" and reading this and never comment or let me know you read this... (I wonder how many "lurkers" we have out there.... I know you guys are out there. Go ahead, comment, I dare you! :) ) Thanks for the bread. It actually made me cry. You probably shouldn't ask - just one of those day. Thank you. :) xoxo

One more edit:
Nope, she DIDN'T read this post... so I was just on her mind and she just happened to send up a loaf of the very bread I was trying to make. *sniff* God's cool. She also was able to tell me what went wrong. Soft Winter White Wheat is not good for yeast breads. Not enough gluten. Huh.... I know for next time. Maybe tomorrow. Back to Prairie Gold.


Darryl and Jami said...

um....go on....

Darryl and Jami said...

awww...sorry about your bread....but cool about your aunt!
I love my breadmaker...yep. I'm a cheater ;-D

jel said...

Hi there,
Glad you stop by, and thank you,
hope you enjoyed the stop.

I like your place :)

liked you last posted, love coffee, and I get up with my husband, 4:00am, make his lunch, and see him off to work, and if he works on friday and sat, we get up at 3:00am. but I'm not a morning person, persay!

will be back! oh sorry about your bread , that has happen to me to!

the Guthrie's said...

I so cheat, to, james! It's called my *hallelujah chorus in the background* KITCHENAID :) *lol*

Jel - thanks! I've bookmarked your place and will be visiting! Blessings

Darryl and Jami said...

it's great...start it up and wake up to warm fresh bread...mmm...*drool*