Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday = Laundry

Or, maybe the title should be, "I Live With a Bunch of Slobs". Granted, I can make just as good of a mess as the rest of them, but, jeez, guys!!!!! And the main source?? Laundry! (I know, I know, it doesn't LOOK like a laundy mess in her room, but trust me, everything else was strictly a... mostly... laundry mess. And I'm not even bothering trying to show you the boy's room because #1 - size. #2 - by the time I decided this needed to be documented, you couldn't tell he had a mess to begin with.)

So, my "sick" kids (they both claim to have killer sore throats... we will see how the girl feels after "girl scouts" is mentioned... she has a meeting today. My money is on the fact that she will QUICKLY perk up. The boy won't care - girls are pretty but icky right now.) ... oh yeah, back to my story... So, my sick kids get a sick day today... BUT, the price they had to pay is that they had to venture into their rooms (isn't hers LOVELY?? Fire hazard, maybe?) and bring me ALL clothes that are not put away... God only knows what is clean and what isn't... And I've been beginning to wonder... where have all their clothes gone? Has a group of aliens come and looked around and decided that a six year old girl and an eight year old boy have clothing worth stealing?? I'm really wondering here, because I will do laundry, fold it and pass it off to them to put away and two days later they have "nothing to wear". Or, in the boy's case, what he is wearing is obviously dirty.... You would not BELIEVE the places these pieces of clothes were hiding! The girl kept coming with basket-ful after basket-ful!

Then, I got thinking... my husband occaisionally gives me the same "no clothes" song and dance, so I actually paid attention to the mess we call our room... yikes. Now, the hubby views my exercise bike as a clothes rack... I suppose if I was actually trying to USE said bike on a regular basis, perhaps I would have noticed... oops.

And the bed posts... also not supposed to be used for draping clothes... oops again.

And, my "corner"?? Oh yeah... that is where the CLEAN clothes are stashed. Big GIGANTIC oops. OK. So, my room is pretty scary, too. But seriously, it is the LAST thing on my list of priorities... Company doesn't go in there... I don't cook in there... we don't do school in there... I can get to my bed... ok, moving on.

So, today, I am attacking the pile of laundry. I just want to state right now that, while I have been slacking a *LITTLE*, and I really do only mean a little, our laundry baskets are never EMPTY, but they most certainly don't generally overflow like this... perhaps the slacking has been in keeping an eye on certain little peoples hiding spots for when they "clean" their room... Oh, but it is all changing!!! I'll keep you updated, for sure, but it will more than likely be tomorrow or Wednesday before you get to see the finished, put away, spotless results. Yes, it will probably take that long. I just hope noone tries to come over and visist today... the door is blocked by a load or two of colored clothes.


mira said...

"finished, put away, spotless..."


Mrs. Guthrie said...

you're snorting at me again........ what's with the lack of love?!?! I'm WOUNDED.... I CAN DO THIS!! Do I have to prove my competence to you as well?? That's getting old. :(

Darryl and Jami said... totally looks like I need to come visit...last time I was there, they shared a room and that was not your bed...very pretty head/footboard!!!!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Uh, you JUST figured out that you need to come visit?? ;) Thank you! I like it for all sorts of reasons.

mira said...

oh, no, not laughing at you at all. Just looking around my own home and trying to make those words match and coming up short. Your house is cleaner waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more of the time than my own, even when I used to pop in unannounced ;-) And you even have time and the inclination to update your blog regularly. color me impressed.

mira said...

"I like it for all sorts of reasons"

um... metal, four posts, scrolly (my own word, like it?)...came with a mattress I think...oh, and my own personal favorite, FREE!

and yes, you need to visit her, J. She's feeling unloved. ;-)

Darryl and Jami said...

I *think* we may venture toward Angelica the weekend of April 22 to see my momma and have a birthday something for her (her b'day is the 26th) maybe we can schedule somthing in....can bribe the Bug with Giovanni's breadsticks *drool*
and I know I know I need to come visit...but hey! so do all y'all!! LOL

Darryl and Jami said...

I did see some pics of a project in your family you have more of the finished product?

Mrs. Guthrie said...

M - so glad you're "impressed" :) I was beginning to think I had someone else thinking I couldn't do something. *whew* And I was at your house tons of times, too!!! I think we are even on the clean thing.... REALLY!!!!!!

J - we will work something out. i.e., get you but over here when you are only 20 minutes away. HELLO! And no, I have no finished product pics... it is so NOT finished.

Darryl and Jami said...

LOL, well I didn't know....the album has the most recent sometime last april.....maybe you need to reinvite me to it...dunno...snapfish is weird at times.
I'll let you know when we are next out that way

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* ok, tried updating the link again... give it another shot :)

Darryl and Jami said...

I'm all happy! Recent pics!!
you all look great!!

la bellina mammina said...

hi - that's so funny - waiting to see the 'after-laundry' photos!!