Monday, March 12, 2007

Phone Conversations

I discovered something today... My little girl has a penchant for exaggeration.

She is chatting on the phone with her Uncle D in a land far far away
and I hear, "sometimes I stay up til four in the morning." Uh, no, honey, once in a while we get you UP at four in the morning. "We started school late today cause mommy let us sleep in cause we were up til midnight last night celebrating daddy's birthday." No, again, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy would have been PASSED OUT if we were up til midnight. It was more like 10:00. Still too late. Other than our sleeping habits, she did get the majority of her other facts straight. Despite the deer in the headlights look on her face, she was thrilled to be able to talk to Uncle D and Aunt E.


jel said...

poor girl, she looks like she is in pain :)
love that chair!
that is a very nice picture of your family, on the sidebar there!

well have a great day!
and thanks for the visit!


mira said...

what a great face. and you can't tell me you JUST figured out she likes to exaggerate. You should have heard her tell me about the cold last time we talked. oh wait, that was probably accurate...

the Guthrie's said...

*lol* No, I've seen it for awhile. Kinda like papa... And yeah, the cold, no exaggeration there... didn't you see my fire and ice post??? And that pic was from like 11 in the morning!!!!!! Thank God, it is 55 right now!!! He loves me. Ya know the verse about He will not give you more that you can deal with? Yeah, He took the cold away. :)