Monday, November 05, 2007

Coming Soon

AKA "Yes, I am Still Alive"

I know, I've been awful. I've heard. Even J has told me that if he knew I was going to be a once a month blogger, he would have done it. (Insert maniacal laughter here. He really does not get along with computers.) Trust me, it hasn't been that I have not had anything post worthy... I have PLENTY of material.... It is just that every time I sit at the computer and thing about starting one of the many posts I could do, I get all tired out and my head starts pounding just at the thought of the amount of time that each post will take. *sigh* So, since I have been thoroughly, lovingly, gently prodded and reminded, COMING SOON:

What NOT to do with brand new tires

How we spent our Halloween

The Man From Outer Space

and more.....

While you wait, I am going to study for my test that I have tonight.


Anonymous said...

that happens to me too... sometimes.

Bug and Eye said...

Good luck with the test - I feel your brain strain pain!!
glad to see you're still alive...miss you!