Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overheard Conversation

T: "My bed is really old."

B: "Is not."

T: "It is too!! Mom had it since she was a teenager!!"

B: "Yeah, but that wasn't that long ago."

T: "It was too! Mom's OLD."

B: "T, she is only 40. Forty isn't old."

Great. Frankly I am not really sure how to respond to that.
~Number one, my daughter thinks I am old... Ok, fine.... I thought my parents were old when I was T's age. I'll let that one go.
~Number two, B thinks I am 40 years old. He just aged me by over ten. *sigh* This day better get better.


mira said...

your brother is refraining from commenting. for the record.

T is totally off the hook. JT, on the other hand, needs to be reminded of your birth year so he can do the math in his own head. I think one kiss for every extra year is appropriate. And, you should remind him of this exchange when you DO turn 40. That is, if he ever has time off work or school and visits you from his own apartment/house/dorm room ;-)

yes, having kids young is a GOOD plan.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

I can only imagine what my brother would have to say..... Yikes.

Kisses to say sorry would work. :) And hey, he will be almost 21 when I turn 40, won't he???? Getting married and having kids young WILL have it's advantages! :) (I haven't had regrets, I just look forward to being able to say "ha ha ha" to my friends that just got married and are doing the kid thing that are my age. he he he)

Fee said...

You're still so young in my eyes!If that makes you feel any better?!?!
I love overhearing conversations like that!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Loads, thanks :)

Bug and Eye said...

lol you guys are scaring me ;-) Am I sure I want to do this whole kid thing???

Denise said...

Honey.....you age well!