Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Progress Report (Weeks two and three)

Just in case any of you noticed that I didn't post anything on this last week, take heart: I did not quit. :) Last week I was pretty much in hiding due to being sick and very worn down. Posting anything just was not on my list of things to do. I also ended up moving the "official weigh in day" from Mondays to Wednesdays. I've noticed weekends are not so great, and when I first started counting points, I actually started on a Wednesday, and it went SO. MUCH. BETTER. Monday and Tuesday allow me to recoup from the weekend.

Last Wednesday I weighed in 2.6 pounds down. Yay! For the most part I drank my water, although, I'll admit, with a very sore throat, the thought of drinking anything wasn't a pleasant one. Most of my water intake was probably in the form of Theraflu. *shudder* Exercise? Hahahahahahahahaha- oh. Extending the week by two days actually allowed me to get four workouts in. Also not bad considering.

This week I am down 1.6 pounds. I'm noticing a pattern here: Week one was 3.6, week two, 2.6. week three, 1.6. Time to break the cycle. A 0.6 pound weight loss for next week just WILL NOT be acceptable. :) As far as inches lost, I have no idea what last week was, but since the last check in with you guys, I've lost a total of two and a quarter inches. Slow and steady, wins the race, right?

How would I rate the success of this week(s)? Gotta admit, I'm sticking with that 5. I'm still not mastering exercising five times a week, and I definitely need to! I also need to get back on track with drinking two FULL Nalgenes a day. I did find some great songs for my iPod, though, and good tunes are a must! Last night while I was sweating my over-sized little hiney off, I was transported away to memories of being a love-struck teenager holed up in my room... What was playing on the iPod?  The Best of Rock Ballads.  Absolutely classic.  Not exactly get-your-blood-pumping-workout-music, but great tunes, nonetheless.  What amused me more was talking to Batman and discovering that I knew more of the songs than he did!  How did that happen?!?!  I'm certain that all of those songs were more from when he was a teen than when I was.... Hmm....


Abbey said...

Sounds like you are doing GREAT!! Wish I could do as well!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Ugh... I do great when I need to.... I need to do it ALL the time... that's what got those extra 10-15 lbs back on! :)

Is your mom still doing it?

Abbey said...